Welcome to Valbarra
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an expansive world filled with riddles, death, and glory for those cunning enough to claim it. Many myths and legends cloud the origin of the plane, and even more regarding the forming of its three great continents, but few answers will be found for those who seek them. The Clerics will claim it was the work of the gods, the wizards will claim it was the creation of a powerful mage, and neither will have any proof to back their statements.

Escarnum, is the eastern most continent of Valbarra. Home of three declared nations and the untamed wilds, creatures of all types wander the lands of Escarnum. Delvia is a culture rich society that stretches much of the great continent, and has kept peaceful interaction with its neighbors Ageos and Lorynth for thousands of years. But shadows gather on the horizon, and a great war is brewing. Will the citizens of Escarnum unite or be torn apart alone in the dark…

Scar Shards

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