Scar Shards

The Meteor

Graius having been sent on his mission to both identify the shard at the Arcane Library, and to deliver the message from Graveus to the King of Delvia, departed from Ivarov, with the unlikely druid Ur’Shyrr, and Vail the Lorynthain Ranger.

The Road to Haven was a long and pressing journey, and more dangerous then they could have imagined. Vail, being familiar with the wilderness explained that he had never seen the wild life so disturbed, and was taken by surprise when they were assaulted several times by dangerous creatures in the night.

When about half way through their journey to Reach, the port city opposite Haven on the Crystal Lake, was the first time they saw the Meteor. The first night it shined like a bright star, distant and not moving, but on the second was when the shattering happened. The entire party was awoken by a deafening sound as the meteor came crashing to the earth not a half a days travel from their position. After a brief vote, the party decided they were investigate the strange occurrence. Upon reaching the impact sight, the party found they were not the first group whose interests were peaked.

A pack of Gnolls quickly flooded out of the woods to dispatch the party, but were quickly shown how terrible a decision they had made. Once the dogs had been put down, Vail tracked their trail back to their camp, which was less difficult due to the drag makes in the soil from where they had haled something away from the impact crater.

When the group began besieging the Gnoll bandit camp, Jerakal woke with a headache, and his psy crystal frantically nudging him awake. Jerakal found that he had been taken prisoner, and that his equipment had been taken from him. Being more then a little annoyed, the psion undid his binds and began walking the camp, dissuading any who tried to stop him. Once he detected that his equipment was in the chief’s tent, and seeing that another group had begun combating the main force of the Gnolls, the gith freed the rest of the prisoners to assit him, making a quick friend out of a very large Half-Orc by the name of Grox.

When the rest of the camp was preoccupied, Jerakal and his new found “allies”, moved into the command tent, where they found a large gnoll, and a man with a very menacing aura. The man instructed the Gnoll to kill the party, and sat to watch the show. The Gnoll begrudgingly began to charge the invaders. Jerakal, sensing the Gnolls displeasure, quickly unleashed a psionic torrent on the man, leaving him vunerable. The Gnoll Warchief, seeing an opportunity, lunged and the man who had enslaved him, and killed him before the psionics lost their effect. To repay his service, the Gnoll warchief allowed the party to leave his camp, with all of their belongings, and allowed Jerakal to take the head of the man he killed.

Jerakal greatfully accepted the man’s severed head, and much to Gaius’ surprise, pulled out a shard larger then both of the shards in Gaius’ possession combined. After a heated debate of hand signals and arm movements, Gaius decided to allow Jerakal to carry the bag of now many more shards, so long as he would assist them in their efforts to save Escarnum.



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