Scar Shards

Welcome to Ivarov

Our story begins following Gaius Gratis as he rides his horse next to a merchant caravan being lead by a halfling by the name of Piaego Suretankard. Assuming the name Ferox, Gaius has agreed to escort the merchant and his wares to the town of Ivarov, a border town between the countries of Delvia and Ageos.

The halfling merchant pays the mercenary a modest fee upon reaching the front gates of the city and the two go their separate ways. As Ferox approaches the main gate he notices a sturdy looking dwarf guarding the city. The two have a brief conversation, but upon noticing his wanted poster in the guard shack Gaius thinks it is best if he go on his way. After slipping past the guard without being identified Ferox heads to the nearest tavern without much incident.



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