A mountainous militaristic country, Ageos resides in the northeastern part of Escarnum.

The fledgling nation was formed 300 years ago under the Dwarven King Thorgar Bronzecarver. Originally residing in Delvia, Thorgar had lead a campaign to slay the giants, goblins, and “what ever else gets in my way” from the Ancient Dwarven ruins that were rumored to reside in the northeastern mountains. Seven years passed and no one had heard a word from Thorgar or any of his troops until a single raven flew into the Delvian capital of Haven.

The Raven was taken directly to the King of Delvia, Belgur Greymarrow, and he laughed aloud as he read the contents to his court.
As I told you before I left I was going to go set me up a dwarf castle, and I did. I found me probably enough gold to give you a run for your money, and I cleaned me up an ancient city that is comfortable enough once I get all the giant corpses out, turns out they are hard to move when dead. Long story short I am taking your mountains as my property since I went ahead and clean them out. Don’t come knocking with war, cause I’ll kill your armies like I did them giants. However, if you want to have a drink you and yours is always welcome.
Thorgar Bronzecarver

Told you I’d be King of The Mountains. You owe me a pint.
The contents of the message spread like wild fire down the Crystal Rivers, and quickly it was known throughout Escarnum that Thorgar Bronzecarver had pronounced himself King of the Mountains. Many dwarves, gnomes, and other adventurous hearts flocked to the new founded country to explore the ruins and to start a new life in the mountains. Within the 5 years several towns had formed inside the countries borders and expansion began rapidly giving birth to the First Shields of Ageos, its own nobility.

The Delvian Noble Houses demanded that the lands be seized since they were once Delvian, but King Belgur refused. Not only did the King know Thorgar personally, but he knew the mountains had been impenetrably since the founding of Delvia, and would be damned if he was going to send armies against the one dwarf that was able to crack them.

So Thorgar Bronzecarver ruled the new found Kingdom of Ageos for 140 years from the stone capital of Cordium, an ancient dwarven ruin that he had spent much of his accumulated wealth restoring to its proper glory. With no family to speak of as the King of The Mountains aged the Shields of Ageos wondered where the crown would fall when their beloved king passed. Though Thorgar had one last surprise up his sleeve from his death bed.

The day of his death King Bronzecarver proclaimed that when he passed, The Mithral Crown of Ageos would fall to the eldest living relative of the Mercer family, descendants of Ulgan Mercer a human who had sacrificed himself to save Thorgar’s life during the campaign for the mountains.

When this news reached the Shields of Ageos they were outraged, and civil war began to tear the country apart. The Mercer armies and their allies fought brutally for the crown they rightly deserved, and after 40 years of war the Mercers were finally victorious.

King Zeffon Mercer was crowned the Second King of Ageos and founded The 99 Sentinels, an elite guard sworn to protect the King at all costs in order to ensure that the Mercer family held the crown that they fought so hard for.

120 years have passed since the days of Zeffon Mercer and his family has ruled Ageos keeping peace by maintaining a dominate military force.


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