The Capital of Ageos, Cordium is an ancient dwarven ruin that was restored by The First King of The Mountains, Thorgar Bronzecarver. The City is expansive and in total encompasses three of the mountains of Ageos, and it is rumored that miles and miles of tunnels connect the capital with many of the surrounding ruins of Ageos.

The most impressive structure in Cordium is Ironhold, the massive, impenetrable, stone fortress of Ageos. With walls that are 80 ft tall and 30 ft thick of solid stone, the castle has never been breached by siege. The tallest tower of Ironhold stands 120 ft high and holds the chambers of Duke Varius Mercer, right hand and brother of the King, Gathind Mercer. The fortress has a staff of 300 royal guard and used to be home to The 99 Sentinels before they were forcefully disbanded.

Ironhold is also home to the Shield Hall of Ageos. The Shield Hall is the fortresses great hall where the King of the Mountains holds court. Representatives of all of the Shields of Ageos, who represent that most powerful families in the country, all attend court every day, and The Shields often convene to advise the King on matters of state.

Cordium is a technologically advanced city for its time. Home to all sorts of dwarven made contraptions and weapons an adventure could find many useful tools in the hundreds of shops scattered through the city.


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