The Nation of Delvia is lead by a compassionate but strong willed human king by the name of Thiesis Greymarrow whose family has ruled from the nations capital since it was founded over five hundred years ago.

The Country was formed after Aesar Greymarrow slew The horrible Shadow dragon, The Risen Lord, and saved the city-states of Escarnum from annihilation. After slaying the beast Aesar spent some of the wealth in the dragons hoard on transforming the Crystalline Lair of The Risen Lord into a glorious fortress.

While Reach is home to Castle Greymarrow, birthplace of Aesar, upon completing his Crystal Fortress Aesar founded the city of Haven, and over the next few decades spent much of his time traveling across Escarnum spreading word of Haven, and the glories the city could provide.

After twenty years Haven became a metropolis, and Aesar founded the nation of Delvia with the other nobles that had gained power and influence in the city, and with the advanced network of rivers and roads leading from the nations capital soon Delvia covered most of Escarnum.

Once becoming a continental diplomat it is known by many scholars that Aesar had expressed interest in having dominion over all of the Crystal Rivers, even those that were in the borders of the ancient elven nation of Lorynth, but after the High Queen of Lorynth came to Haven to speak with Aesar in person, the Aesar gave a public decree that no citizen of Delvia would ever enter Lorynthian borders unwelcome.


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