A border town between Ageos and Delvia, Ivarov rests on one of the major rivers that branches off from Crystal Lake. Ivarov is two days ride off the Long Road which connects Cordium to Reach, and despite its out of the way location it is the largest of all of the border cities. Technically belonging to the Kingdom of Delvia the Lord Jydan Dupose and his family reside in the fort that backs itself along the large river. With a modest guard the local celebrity Graveus Stone holds the job of Captain of the Guard, and most would say holds higher power than Lord Dupose and his family, which is perfectly alright with the laid back noblemen.

Places of Note:

The Scarred Badger – A large Good quality tavern and inn. The Badger is owned by the lovely Leslie Aisear who works the bar every night.

The Scarred Beaver – A terribly run down brothel in the poor district of Ivarov, the badger is owned by the, not anywhere near as lovely, Ms. Sapphire.

Dupose Fort – A modest Fort that the town is built around, Home to Lord Jydan Dupose, his family, Graveus, and Horan Blackmarsh.

Property Owned in Ivarov:

Flik – 50 gp House in the Poor District

Mason Stonebreaker – 400 gp House in the Rich District

The Midnight Rainbow – Wooden Shack?


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